Gulf Energy Company
Established in 2004, the Gulf Energy Company, GEC, is the right arm of the Bukhamseen Group in the energy sector and energy related maintenance work in the State of Kuwait.
Activities & Objectives
  • To be a leading company in the energy sector (oil, petrochemical, gas and power generation), by consistently delivering outstanding solutions and services that create an improved environment.
  • Trading and supply of materials for the oil and petrochemical industries, and supplying light and heavy equipment for oil fields.
  • Drilling and associated services.
  • Oil industry maintenance work.
  • Power generation projects.
  • Providing consultations in oil related and environmental issues
  • To achieve added value through innovation, technology, teamwork, and trust
  • Currently contracted by the governmental authority in the energy sector.
  • Active contributor in this specialised field, and a lead participant in related tenders in partnership with world renowned organisations.
Established 2007.
Activities & Objectives
  • Revolutionise the way real estate business is conducted by instigating state-of-the-art business models, systems and preocesses.
  • Be the market leader in specialised property selling and buying.
  • Establish a Global Agents Network and provide a service centre for the agents where they can have access to all EQARAT.COM information through the portal.
  • Making available to our clients an up to date, genuine information and data relevant to the real estate market.
  • Allow our clients and agents around the globe to utilise our advanced portal platform, enabling them to conduct business in a more efficient and dynamic manner.
  • Identify and procure the ideal property and investment for our clients, in tune with their lifestyles.
  • Creating a network between five Middle Eastern countries and sharing all the real estate developments of each of those countries. Strategic alliance with the most highly respected real estate property development pioneers.


Strategic Technologies &
Solutions Holding Group (STS)
Established in February 2002.
Activities & Objectives
STS is a leading information technology consultancy delivering unique business solutions to its clients in Kuwait and the Middle East region. STS’s strength emanates from its wide spectrum of information technology competencies. These are perfectly blended with project management methodology that can be applied to the field of change management where information technology, telecommunication and enterprise resources play a key role in the design and implementation of solutions.
STS’s senior management team has an average of 25 years of domestic and international experience and a proven track record in managing large scale systems. STS’s mission is to be the prominent company in Kuwait and the Middle East region in providing change management to organisations seeking sustainable business excellence through achievable state-of-the art adaptable solutions. Within the consulting field, STS studies and analyses current business practices, the business culture, the levels of technology utilisation, and business constraints and opportunities.
With regard to integrated solutions, STS designs and develops future business blueprints and enterprise architectures; technology solutions to preserve and build on existing assets, experiences, and efforts; and human resources solutions and skill transfer techniques as required for each organisation.
STS provided its services to:
  • HILL International (Overseas) Ltd. System Development Project Management SDPM Hill
  • Mohmmed Abdulmohsin Al Kharafi & Sons Company
  • Warba Insurance Company
  • Safat Investment Company
  • KAB Kuwait
  • HSBC Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Kuwait
  • Kuwait Real Estate Bank
  • Bukhamseen Projects
  • Crown Plaza Extension
  • Boubyan Bank
  • Gulf Catering Company
  • Kuwait National Real Estate Services & Investment Company
  • Noor Investment Company
  • Al Razzi Investment Company
  • Al Ghunaim Law Firm
  • Al Arabia Real Estate Company
  • Osama Commercial Complex
  • Crystal Tower
  • Mega Projects Agency
  • Kuwait Project HQ Building
  • Kuwait Oil Company
  • Public Authority for Applied Education & Training


Global Logistic Services and
Warehousing Company
Established 2004.
Activities & Objectives
  • Providing comprehensive and selective logistic and warehousing services, such as storage of raw materials and cold storage.
  • Providing warehouse management services.
  • Renting storage space.
  • Providing technical and economic feasibility studies and services in all areas of logistics and warehousing services
  • Providing goods transportation services by land, sea and air.
  • Participating in related tenders, bids and BOT projects.
  • Since inception, the company has been expanding its physical facilities and technical systems to an international state-of-the-art level in logistic and warehousing services.


Kuwait International Automobile
Club Company
Established in 1956. The Kuwait International Automobile Club is considered an international tourism body.
Activities & Objectives
  • Issuing international car registration books.
  • All types of travel, tourist and transport services.
  • Supporting and sponsoring sports for cars, motorcycles and karts.
  • Organising and supervising international car rallies.
  • Providing highway motor repair and towing services.
  • Compiling and issuing touristic brochures and maps.
  • The only organisation in the State of Kuwait holding membership of both the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).
  • Membership of other specialist organisations (Travel Industry Association – TIA, Arab Federation of Automobile Clubs – AFA).


Osama Real Estate Office
Established 1978.
Activities & Objectives
  • Providing engineering expertise to clients in real estate, by drawing on the Group’s extensive experience in this field.
  • Execution of real estate acquisition and sale transactions.
  • Management and investment of real estate assets.
  • Valuation of lands and buildings.
  • Pioneer real estate office in the State of Kuwait.
  • Broad corporate client base in real estate.
  • Contributed to boosting the activity of Kuwait’s real estate market.
  • Cooperation agreements with major real estate offices in the GCC countries to better serve the Kuwaiti clientele.


The First Date Palms &
Agricultural Services Company
Established in 1995 as an agricultural services company.
Activities & Objectives
  • Providing specialised services in various fields of agricultural production.
  • Prospecting for underground water for irrigation purposes.
  • Exporting and importing all types of date palms and agricultural products.
  • Establishing agricultural reservations.
  • Provided the needed expertise and services for the landscaping elements of the Group’s major real estate projects.


Arab Company for Logistic Services
Activities & Objectives
  • Ownership of vehicles of all types, and spare parts thereof, for land transport of goods inside and outside Kuwait.
  • Ownership and rental of physical facilities and lands as needed for the company’s activities.
  • Handling all types of goods including hazardous materials.
  • Import and export of all equipment and materials of relevance to the company’s activities.
  • Ownership of passenger transport vehicles.
  • Establishing, managing and maintaining all types of warehouses.
  • Since its establishment, the company has witnessed a steady expansion in its services and operating systems.


Al Huda Medical Services Company
Established 2004.
Activities & Objectives
  • Establishing and managing hospitals.
  • Establishing and managing medical centres, health clubs, and radiology and laboratory services.
  • Trading in drugs and medical supplies, and representing international specialist companies with proprietary rights to the relevant trademarks.
  • Providing medical consultancy under specialist supervision, and providing care in all areas of medical treatment.
  • Studies conducted with international counterparts for the establishment of vanguard medical treatment facilities in the State of Kuwait.


The Arab Showrooms and
Trading Company
Established 1991.
Activities & Objectives
  • Import, export, and commission agency, marketing and establishment of markets and showrooms.
  • Specialising in the establishment of world standard showrooms.
  • Specialising in the establishment of large super markets.
  • Marketing Kuwaiti, GCC, and international products for the company or on behalf of third parties.
  • Import and export of all goods and products from all destinations.
Co-owner of the Arabian Motors Group (WLL), the sole agent and authorised distributor in Kuwait of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury, and one of the largest car agencies in Kuwait.