Al Arabiya Real Estate Company
(Listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange)
Established 1976.
Activities & Objectives
AREC’s track record began as a Kuwaiti private enterprise with real estate interests, and further developed into a shareholding conglomerate with a diversified portfolio and steady accomplishments in the real estate sector. Al Arabiya’s strength in real estate development is drawn from more than 30 years of experience in realising quality in both commercial and residential development projects, locally and regionally. AREC’s high level accomplishments bear witness to its continual quest for excellence.

AREC aims to develop into a one-stop provider of lifestyle real estate solutions on local and regional levels, catering for various needs and purposes, for example residential, commercial, leisure, industrial, etc. In the fulfillment of its mission, AREC’s business model is supported by sound fundamentals, diversified sources of revenue, a distinct competitive advantage over its peers, and the substantial profitability of its investments.

  • Managing & trading real estate assets.
  • Creating real estate portfolios.
  • Identifying & restructuring profitable real estate investment opportunities.
  • Developing strong and effective strategic alliances with major real estate developers both locally and regionally.
  • Master planning mega real estate developments in the GCC countries and other Arab states. Initiate and lead consortiums for mega national and regional real estate development plans.
  • Providing consultancy and carrying out regional studies focusing on leisure, retail, and lifestyle within the real estate sector on both local and regional levels.
  • AREC’s equity currently exceeds US $260 million.
  • Projected Investments in the next five years US $2.5 billion.
  • Created new entities to diversify the selling arm regionally.


The Commercial Real Estate Company
(Listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange)
Co-established during ‘Al-Manakh’ crisis (the Kuwaiti parallel stock market crisis) by the Founder & Chairman of the Bukhamseen Group, the Commercial Real Estate Company is currently the largest real estate company in the State of Kuwait.
Activities & Objectives
Activities encompass the sale, acquisition and construction of real estate projects. Currently, participating in the real estate market in Kuwait through major real estate projects (BOT projects).
  • The company became the largest in Kuwait with a capital of US $600 million.
  • Achieved leadership in commercial real estate by extending outstanding services and being involved in colossal real estate projects in the Kuwaiti market.
  • Building major commercial real estate projects (such as the Friday market and Hilton hotel in the State of Kuwait).


Tanmiya Realty Development Company
Tanmiya Realty was converted in October 2006 from a private enterprise to a closed shareholding real estate company with a paid up capital of US $150 million.
Activities & Objectives
The company draws on the broad experience and technical ability of its highly qualified staff, to invest in real estate market niches in Kuwait, the Middle East and worldwide.
  • To establish and participate in new and existing projects for the purpose of their development and subsequent whole or partial liquidation for lucrative gains during the projects’ period.
  • To promote and establish confidence with local and regional banks with the aim of supporting the financing of the company’s projects.
  • To design a system for budget estimation for all projects under study.
  • To avail of the extensive experience of the company’s team of managers and associates for effective participation in unique real estate investments.
  • Gravity Tower
  • Raed Center Development
  • Failakah Island (B.O.T)
  • Show Biz. Development
  • International Harbor of Bahrain
  • Entertainment & Commercial Project (Qatar)
  • Monaco residential and commercial project (France)
  • Private housing projects (Kuwait)
  • The Mall: One of the largest shopping malls in the Middle East.


Al Nojoom Real Estate Company
Al Nojoom Real Estate Company was established in 1993, with the objective of trading in land and real estate assets on behalf of the Group. The company owns exceptional real estate projects in Kuwait, including ‘Leila Gallery’ with a floor area of 6,000 sqm, hosting 80
commercial shops.


Kuwait Barrari Trading Company
The Kuwait Barrari Trading Co was established in 1995, for the purpose of trading in real estate; buying, selling, and renting housing and commercial units and complexes. Additionally, the company also acts as real estate investment trustees, and manages investment portfolios on behalf of third parties. Its scope of action also covers intermediation in lending and borrowing transactions, financing and intermediation in foreign trading, trading in securities in the local market, establishing and managing investment funds, underwriting corporate bonds issued by other institutions, and carrying out research and studies and other technical services for investment operations.


The Real Estate Development Company
The Real Estate Development Company was established in 1982, for the purpose of general trading in land and real estate, and the management of real estate assets. The company is also involved in general contracting inside and outside the State of Kuwait. Its objectives encompass trading in domestic and foreign securities too.


Al Emad Real Estate Company
Al Emad Real Estate Company was established in 1981 as the main driver of the Group’s various real estate activities, including construction, and land selling, purchasing and leasing. Its objectives include owning, selling, purchasing and developing real estate projects; providing technical consultancy for real estate development; providing technical studies for real estate projects from the early planning phase to final execution; carrying out studies, analysis and providing advice on real estate tenders; and preparing real estate tenders and relevant documents.


Al Barakah Kuwait General Trading &
Contracting Company
Al Barakah Kuwait General Trading & Contracting Company was established in 1992, for the purpose of engaging primarily in contracting related activities. Since inception, the company has been involved in trading and managing assets, particularly in the real estate sector, at a proprietary level as well as on behalf of third parties. In the process, the company has developed a broad client base and strong relationships with regional and international
counterparts, and stands ready for participating in any of the upcoming
contracting projects, both at the local and international levels.


Gulf International
Real Estate Company – Bahrain
Closed Bahraini shareholding company, operating in real estate trading and construction in the GCC countries. The company achieved ownership of major real estate projects and contributed to projects in major world cities: in Switzerland, France (Paris and Nice), and London, including the Lido in Paris and Le Chateau in Nice.


Misr Towers International Company – Egypt
Touristic and investment real estate company. The company owns real estate projects, residential high-rise buildings and commercial offices, including the Sofitel Hotel in Cairo, under the sponsorship of Accor International Sofitel.


The Sayedah Zeinab Company for
Tourism and Visit – Syria
The company is established for the development of hotels and commercial real estate property, and provides up-market hotelier services, through the Safir Sayedah Zeinab hotel for visitors to the Sayedah Zeinab shrine in Syria. The company’s encompass the completion of the Safir Sayedah Zeinab hotel and its amenities, the establishment of a mall hosting 50 commercial shops to service the whole area, and the construction of hotel apartments and commercial amenities.


Middle East Investment Company – Egypt
Egyptian shareholding company, established for handling several major trading, real estate and housing projects. Following partnership with Saudi counterparts, the company is considered among the largest of its kind in Egypt. The company also produces and exports woven fabrics.


The Kuwaiti-Lebanese Real Estate
Rental Company – Lebanon
The company’s activities centre onn the development of residential, commercial, and investment buildings, leisure facilities and major real estate development projects in Lebanon. Its main objective is the execution of main real estate projects in Lebanon, targeting investment in tourism. The Group has 17.5% participation in the company’s capital.