Kuwait National Cinema Company
Established in 1954, by virtue of a 50 year concession from the government of Kuwait, as a general trading and contracting company.
Activities & Objectives
  • Providing entertainment services through building, establishing and managing movie houses in the State of Kuwait.
  • Keeping pace with the technological advances in movie entertainment.
  • Pioneers as a company in movie entertainment in the GCC region.
  • Established the first movie theatre in Kuwait, in 1954 (Al-Sharqia Cinema)
  • Pioneers in keeping pace with the developments in the various areas of movie entertainment (applying the latest audio-visual systems) and systems for interaction with the public (reservations via telephone by smart card).
  • Owns 16 movie houses in various locations in the State of Kuwait.


Kuwait Cable Vision
(Listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange)
Established in 1997, Kuwait Cable Vision is a Kuwaiti shareholding company. The company went public through initial public offering in January 2002. Its shares are traded on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.
Activities & Objectives
The companys strategic objective is to provide the following range of services:
  • Interactive broadcasting of cable TV and broadband services for residential, hospitality, corporate and educational sectors.
  • Studio facilities for all kinds of productions. Video on demand, time shifting network VCR and online broadband video gaming.
  • Digital archiving systems.
  • Promotion, marketing and advertisement through specified portals.
  • Acquiring licence rights to theatrical movies and programmes.
  • Import and export of telecommunication equipment.
  • Establishing maintenance centres for related telecommunication works.
  • First licensed interactive multi-channel television operator in Kuwait and the region.
  • Partner in Desert Door Company for Media Productions.
  • Co-produced the historical Arabic series Alzaher Bebers. Kuwait Cable Vision offers the expert production management by utilizing its excellent facilities and qualified personnel.


Dar Annahar for Press,
Publishing and Distribution
Established in 2007. Dar Annahar is the owner of Annahar Daily, the latest addition to the Kuwaiti dailies, intended for broad circulation in Kuwait and the Gulf. Annahar is the ninth Arabic Kuwaiti daily published since the liberation of Kuwait and the fourth such publication
during the rule of H.H. the Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah. Its publication follows the lifting of the governments decades long moratorium on the licensing of new dailies due to the circumstances which prevailed in the Gulf region during that period.
Activities & Objectives
The mission of Annahar Daily as a member of the media in the State of Kuwait in particular, and the GCC in general, is to provide objective and unbiased coverage of local, regional and global developments and events. Annahar Daily counts within its ranks top-class journalists and writers, and is equipped with state-of the-art printing facilities, to match in form and content any of the locally or internationally renowned dailies. Annahar Daily will also benefit from the prominent status of the Bukhamseen Group, which is the owner of the Dar Annahar, as Annahar will be the provider of advertising services for companies under the Group, in addition to providing those services to the Kuwaiti and regional business community at large.


Al Barakah Media Group
Established in 2007, as a Kuwaiti shareholding company, with diversified media interests and specialisations.
Activities & Objectives
  • Publishing Arabic & English daily political newspapers and Bariq Al-Dana, a leading social magazine in the State of Kuwait.
  • Managing and operating an entertainment & news TV satellite channel, covering Kuwait, the Arab World and Europe.
The group currently has three principal targets:
  • Publication of Annahar Arabic daily as of 1, September, 2007.
  • Publication of an English daily, Okaz due to launch sometime during next year.
  • The establishment of a news variety TV satellite channel, whose coverage will extend beyond Kuwait.
Other major activities targeted by the Group encompass:
  • Organising specialised annual media conferences.
  • Cooperating with Kuwaiti, GCC and Arab media institutions to organize special events and various activities.
  • Producing TV and media programmes, and marketing them within the Arab world.
  • Creating annual awards for creativity in journalism, and TV & radio broadcasts.
  • Taking part in educational and awareness enhancement programmes, locally, regionally and internationally, and following up on developments and events relating to humanitarian issues worldwide (such as combating illiteracy, hunger, diseases, etc).

  • Organising and managing different media campaigns, focusing on promoting and marketing local and international products.


Bariq Al-Dana Magazine
Al-Dana for Publishing & Advertising Co. was established at end of 2003, and is the publisher of Bariq Al-Dana magazine, a monthly periodical appearing at the beginning of each month.
Activities & Objectives
Bariq Al-Dana strives to serve the community in general and addresses the Kuwaiti family in particular, aiming thereby to increase awareness among citizens, so as to build an advanced society.
The magazine is also geared towards supporting Kuwaiti cadres, particularly aiming to increase the number of Kuwaitis in media related professions.
The readership of Bariq Al-Dana has markedly increased since its inception. It is currently a leading publication, recognised for its high level, both in terms of content and technical presentation.
Within a relatively short period, Bariq Al-Dana has succeeded in reaching prominence as a leading social magazine in Kuwait, the rest of the GCC countries, as well as the Arab World.
To date Bariq Al-Dana has succeeded in grooming a select group of Kuwaiti journalists, therefore supporting and enriching the Kuwaiti media. The magazine has sponsored several student events, in addition to other socially oriented activities.