Warba Insurance Company
(Listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange)
Established 1976.
Activities & Objectives
To underwrite all classes of insurance & reinsurance and related investment activities.
Warba Insurance is a leading national insurance company in the State of Kuwait, issuing all types of policies, such as motor, energy and aviation insurance policies.
The company has been issuing or co-issuing insurance policies to major national organisations, such as Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Equate, Kuwait Airways, etc.
  • Entered into joint ventures with various international insurers such as LlC International (part of LlC of India), State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Inter Global (UK), International Health Insurance Co, AAJ Warranty Services Inc., LlC Housing Finance Ltd, Insular Life Assurance Company, Philippines, etc, to offer services to expatriates and introduce innovative insurance products to the market.
  • Warba Medical Insurance Company(WMI) was formed in 2004, as the first company of its kind in the Middle East.
  • Established WAPMED TPA Services Company in cooperation with FHPL to offer services in the field of health insurance.
  • Established WAM Recycling Plant as a joint venture with Automak to recycle used spare parts – the first of its kind in the GCC.
  • Engaged in reinsurance business from companies in the GCC/Arab and Asian regions.
  • Employing the highest number of insurance professionals in the GCC.
  • Rated as “BBBpi” by ‘Standard & Poors’. Awarded the rating of “A+ni” by AL Muhanna & Company and 7th Secured Insurance Company in the Arab Region.


Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company
RTIC was established in 2004, by Warba Insurance Company, to participate in the Takaful insurance market in Kuwait and the rest of the GCC countries.
Activities & Objectives
Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company main objective is to underwrite all classes of insurance, reinsurance and related investment activities in compliance with Islamic Sharia.
  • Entered into a management agreement with Warba Insurance Company as sole provider of technical advisory services.
  • RTIC business plan envisages functioning in an efficient way by offering the Takaful Insurance products to the market.
  • Bright prospects are expected for RTIC, as its strategic investors will not only provide it with the needed capital but also with considerable business. Furthermore, RTIC is backed by Warba, one of the most successful insurance companies in the Arab Region.


Middle East Insurance Brokerage Bureau
Established 1981.
Activities & Objectives
  • Insurance brokerage bureau handling all types of comprehensive and third-party insurance coverage.
  • Achieving competitive insurance prices within its relationship with the insurance companies it currently represents (Al-Ahlia Insurance Company, Kuwait Insurance Company, and Guardian Royal Insurance Company).
  • Providing insurance and post-insurance services.
  • Realised close business relations with a broad base of insurance companies in the State of Kuwait.
  • Achieved a broad client base, counting several prime business entities in the Kuwait and GCC markets.