Arab Investment Company
Established in late 2006, AIC is a knowledge-based and results oriented finance and investment company, operating as sole investor, investment partner, and provider of strategic, transactional and financial advisory services.
Activities & Objectives
  • Advisory and discretionary management of local, regional and international, direct and portfolio investments, to meet specified investment goals.
  • Engaging in corporate and retail banking, investments, and real estate transactions and services.
  • Treasury management, including planning, organising, controlling and managing monetary assets and liabilities.
  • Financing and refinancing.
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Private Equity (PE) investments.
  • Engaging in structured financing operations.
  • Providing general financial advisory services.
  • Conducting macro- and micro-economic research and applying business development techniques for corporate growth.
  • Safeguarding the integrity of invested assets.
  • Delivering structural cost reductions through effective asset management.
  • Achieving medium and long-term growth in invested value.
  • Realising profitability of investments.
  • Achieving leadership in well-defined niches, and pursuing development and research in investment solutions and products.


CREDIT ONE Holding Company
Credit One is a non-listed Kuwaiti company established in the State of Kuwait in 2005. Its shareholders are banks and auto dealers.
Activities & Objectives
  • Maintaining consistent operating and financial growth in addition to market share growth.
  • Offering direct Islamic financing facilities to auto purchasers.
  • The company intends to focus on used-car auto lending, to increase the penetration of its financing programs within the established dealer base, and to expand its share of consumer finance business in the heavy equipment and corporate fleet vehicles.
  • The company has achieved a good customer base of almost 11,000 clients, which is encouraging for a small size company compared to the competition in the market.
  • Credit One is expanding its presence in the market by opening auto lending offices with new top auto dealers.