Kuwait International Company for Education
Established 2002
Activities & Objectives
  • Establishing and operating private (Arabic and foreign) comprehensive universities and institutes.
  • Contributing to the formation of a modern Arab generation capable of comprehending and handling contemporary developments.
  • Providing access to world standard universities, academies, institutes and schools.
  • Providing outstanding quality, specialised curricula to meet special technical institutional needs.
  • Optimal handling of information systems and educational technologies in line with latest scientific trends.
  • Contributing to socio-economic development plans and work specialisations in the State of Kuwait, through initiatives in the scientific and educational fields.
  • Maintaining sustained contact with scientific and educational institutions specialising in applied sciences in advanced countries.
  • Maintaining sustained contact with Arab universities for defining protocols of communication and exchange.
  • Developing specialists and teaching staff in the scientific and educational sectors, for the purpose of developing and diversifying human resources.


Kuwait Pearl Institute for Model Education
Established 2002.
Activities & Objectives
Forming a generation able to adapt and respond to the internationally recognised standards of modern societies, in furtherance of the inter cultural dialogue through education. Adopting modern curricula and educational methods, in a balanced combination between the genuine Arab heritage on the one hand and the modernity of the 21st century on the other.
Upgrading education in the State of Kuwait, and continuously thriving for presenting models of advanced educational systems through the Dasman Model School. The Institute has particular focus on teaching children with learning disabilities. In this connection, the Institute received government support, and won several awards for its proven results.